Alfonso G

Alfonso G is a music Producer and DJ, from Mexico City, with 15 years of experience. He is considered one of the best DJ Producers in the underground scene in Mexico City.

He has shared turntables with artists such as: Deadmau5, Magdalena, Lehar, Chris Fortier, Fildeles, Jorge González, Chaim, Gel April, Phonik, Luke Chable, Rick Pier O’Neil, Tommy Lee B-Live Lithium, Willy San Juan, Marcos Carnaval.

He has participated in festivals like The Zoo Project Ibiza (Tulum, Mexico, 2018), Medusa Festival (Mexico, 2018), 1 Kilo de Música (Mexico, 2013), Fest Cibeles (2013), Expo Amlo Fest (2012).

He is resident DJ in: Continental DJ Club, Yehyo, Verona, Meduza, Private W, also, he has been featured in the best clubs in the city.

He started the “NO TECHNO, NO PARTY” and “THE COLOR OF THE SOUNDS” (Progressive House & Melodic Techno) projects.

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