Gabriel Filip

Gabriel Filip was born in Pitesti,Romania and he began his journey in music from a young age where he always had an interest drawn towards electronic music.
This was due to the influence he aspired from his social surroundings and friends, who at the time were involved in this particular style.
At the age of 14 his inspiration was sparked after visiting a friend who was also involved in electronic music and had developed his skill to be able to show Gabriel various programs, techniques and styles directed on the working process of developing this style of music through various softwares at that time.
The characteristics of his music are being influenced by artists like Fernando Ferreyra, Moshic, Manu Riga, RPO, Kintar, Paul Angelo & Don Argento, to name a few.
He is combining sounds from different genre like progressive house ,deep house, techno, melodic techno ,etc.
Until now,he released several remixes and EP’s
He collaborated with different artists being featured in numerous mixes, radio stations and youtube channels.

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