Vesta Records:

Vesta Records is a reboot of the classic Vesta Records by RPO.  
RPO and Manu Riga restarted the label and Manu Riga took management and directed the label 
towards a Melodic Techno , Ethereal Techno and Melodic progressive. 
With releases by Clawz SG (Steyoyoke) Mashk ( Steyoyoke, Inner Symphony ) , Manu Riga (Bonzai progressive) , Martin Merkel (Platipus )
and many more , the label rose from the ashes in less then a year.  2018 was a great year for Vesta Records and much more to come!!!

Latest Releases:

Olga Beatness
Release date: 03/08/2020
Release date: 20/07/2020
Release date: 06/07/2020
Maxim Vozisov
Release date: 22/06/2020
Sergio Avila
Release date: 08/06/2020
Release date: 25/05/2020
Release date: 11/05/2020
Various Artists
Release date: 27/04/2020