An Sinewave and Jay Hubbard are two UK based DJ/Producers who are not only partners in music, they are partners in life. Both producers have a very similar story. From as little as 3 years old they were inspired by their fathers who were classically trained pianists. Living a life of playing piano, in 2011-2012 both producers started their journey in electronic music. Coming together in December 2016, An and Jay we’re exploring each other’s music history and sound when they discovered they were the perfect match for each other. For almost two years, they have been experimenting, combining Jay’s lighter progressive style with An’s experimental and techno sound. This is clearly shown in their latest collaboration under Vesta Records.
Artist: An Sinewave & Jay Hubbard
Title:  London
Label:  Vesta Records
Cat #:  VR03
Release date:  14/05/2018
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