German producer Tomic is back on Vesta Records with a surprising 3 track EP. Tomic brings his fine skills of groove building and ear for details to the plate with Modern Walking. The title track is a progressive affair with a dark deep bassline and driving groove , a lot of things are going on and takes us on a true right of melodies , vocals and synthstabs. One for the floor for sure Crystal goes further on the theme but this time with a touch of oldskool house in the melody on a modern driving beat , surprising but well working vibe here. Round & Round closes the ranks with another grandious trip into progressive territorium , with an amazing pianoesque melody and harp glissandos , this is the deepest of the three tracks. Quality from start to end!!!
Artist: Tomic
Title:  Modern Walking
Label:  Vesta Records
Cat #:  VR43
Release date:  16/09/2019
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