” Sunchain” is a relative new project by Aleksei Popov and Roman Porohh, two Estonian dj/producers that stand for refreshing but fashionable tracks in the present day trends . Suad Lu is named after their formal neighbour girl from Asian origins and listening the beautiful crafted progressive slice with Chinese elements (such as the beautiful Erhu ) , the girl left a deep impression on the guys. on remix duty : no one less then Wellenrausch took the call . Wellenrausch producer Torsten Fassbender is well know for his trademark of Melodic techno and progressive house. Using his knowledge today as employee of Native Instruments , he brings his influences to the producer community with already 2 great expansions for the successful product NI Maschine! With successful releases throughout the 2000’s on major labels such as Sony, Afterglow Records, Spacepark Records, Coldharbour Recordings, Lowbit Records, Slideways Records , we are proud to count Vesta Records on the list!! Label owner Manu Riga was a natural choice to do a remix for this ethnic inspired track as Manu’s music became known for it since the 2010 on the Bonzai Progressive brand. last but not least the amazing talented Adnan Jakubovic ! the Bosnia and Herzegovina based producer showed countless times his talents in progressive music on countless labels such as DAR Digital, Mistique Music, Carica Records, OLD SQL Recording, Usessions Records, Mystic Carousel Records, 6913 Digital, Balkan Connection!!
Artist: Sunchain
Title:  Suad LU
Label:  Vesta Records
Cat #:  VR28
Release date:  01/04/2019
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