You can almost feel free to contact us for any reason.
 If you want to send us a demo, please follow these guidelines.

Demo policy

Vesta Records and its subsidiaries labels are looking for your demos:
  • Vesta Records – Melodic Techno , Ethereal techno and Deep Melodic Progressive. 
  • Vesta Lux – Chillout, Electronica and Downbeat music.
  • Frekency Records – Techno.

Important notices:

  • We only accept demos shared exclusively with us.
  • If using samples – make sure they are legal.
  • Submission should contain 2 and up to 5 tracks.
  • Demos should be ready to be mastered (we do it ourselves without charge) -5db and mixed to the best of your abilities.

Please include the label name you are applying for
Include a short bio and your contact info /social media.

Please send private soundcloud links only to: or use this form: