Alfonso G is a music Producer and DJ, from Mexico City! He shared turntables with artists such as: Deadmau5, Magdalena, Lehar, Chris Fortier, Fideles, Jorge González, Chaim, Gel April, Phonik, Luke Chable, Rick Pier O’Neil,to name a few. He has guest dj at several Mexican festivals like The Zoo Project Ibiza (Tulum, Mexico, 2018), Medusa Festival (Mexico, 2018), 1 Kilo de Música (Mexico, 2013), Fest Cibeles (2013), Expo Amlo Fest (2012).Alfonso G is also a resident DJ in: Continental DJ Club, Yehyo, Verona, Meduza, Private W. Alfonso G comes to Vesta Records with the stunning ep “Inside Your Soul” which is a classic groove approach of progressive house full of driving melodic arpeggios that will make your body want to move, even if you don’t want it. Joy Marquez is a close friend of Alfonso G and steps up with his amazing remix which has a darker mood with gated bass lines and arpeggios.with a very tide production and intriguing grooves, this EP will definitely not disappoint you.
Artist: Alfonso G
Title:  Inside Your Soul EP
Label:  Vesta Records
Cat #:  VR47
Release date:  18/11/2019
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