It’s very rare that you come across music that is something so different and intriguing as when we first heard the EP we announce today to you. When Mashk showed us half of the first track we couldn’t do anything else than encouraging him to finish a full EP. The acoustic Piano (yes real piano , no sampler pianos) are contrasting amazingly against the electronically glitching beats, creating a blanket of emotions and feelings. Mashk, a Paris based master, is home at different acoustic instruments, which he also teaches to young aspiring artist. His passion for harmony and melody is unheard off and if given the chance this man will grow out as a future legend!!!! no doubt !! We are very proud to be part of his grow into undiscovered territories of music!!!
Artist: Mashk
Title:  Ma Lettre EP
Label:  Vesta Lux
Cat #:  VL05
Release date:  22/04/2019
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