Around 2005 Adriaan Baussens aka Manu Riga was composing mainly chillout and lounge music. In 2013 he started to play with some old projects and came up with the name Long Garden Avenue , which was the street he lived at when the projects were originally composed. For the First EP released on Bonzai Progressive. Matt Holiday joined forces. Around the summer of 2016. Jakhira, known for his deep house at Piston and many other labels, started to visit Manu Riga regularly in his studio and both joined forces on the second EP of Long Garden Avenue. Which became a three track emotional and intriguing Journey . All three have infulences of Jazz , lounge , blues and deep house filled with haunting Rhodes lines , grooving basses and funky or balearic guitars . With an Extra Version of Jakhira’s classic deep house take on Lazy Sunday , this is a package that should appeal to everyone
Artist: Long Garden Avenue
Title:  Olvidame
Label:  Vesta Lux
Cat #:  VL02
Release date:  28/01/2019
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